Weight Loss Tips

The Best & Worst Packet Soups for Weight Loss

As the cold weather creeps in packet soups are a great option for lunch or a snack to keep you satiated and feeling toasty. If you’re opting for soup as a lunch time meal it’s important to ensure there are enough calories and aim for a soup with high protein (chicken or minestrone tend to […]

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The Best Alcohol Free Alternatives

Harmful consumption of alcohol is a leading risk factor identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having a direct impact on a series health related targets[1]. In an attempt to mitigate these risks, the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend limiting alcohol intake to no greater than 4 standard drinks in any one day and no […]

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Does Duromine Work for Weight Loss?

Phentermine (the active ingredient in Duromine) is a TGA-approved drug intended for the treatment of obesity in Australia Its chemical structure is similar to the stimulant drug amphetamine Duromine has a list of potential serious side effects including disruption to sleep patterns, nausea and cardiovascular risks Duromine is not a quick fix solution to weight […]

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The Dangers of Weight Loss Drugs

There are many drugs on the market used for other ailments that can also activate or accelerate weight loss. However, taking the step to use such a drug for its unintended purpose is a significant consideration to say the least. Here are some of the most common drugs used for weight loss, their dangers, and […]

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Does Dexedrine Assist with Weight Loss?

Off-label use of Dexedrine as a weight loss medication is not recommended by major drug regulatory bodies Current evidence shows Dexedrine provides no long term support for sustained weight loss nor can it be used long term for weight loss Dexedrine has a long list of potential side effects including serious heart problems and self […]

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Pilates: Is it Good for Weight Loss?

Pilates fits under the umbrella of exercise known as resistance training. Resistance training is good for musculoskeletal and joint health but does not have as great an effect on cardiovascular health and cardio respiratory fitness when compared to other forms of exercise (e.g., running and cycling). Within the Pilates discipline there are many different methods. […]

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