Weight Loss Tips

9 Tips to Stop Weight Regain

Many individuals have experienced the frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting, where initial weight loss is followed by rapid regain. This pattern is not only discouraging but also detrimental to overall health, impacting hunger hormones and metabolic rates. The difficulty in sustaining weight loss is evident in various studies, including a meta-analysis of 29 long-term weight […]

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Rethinking BMI: The Future of Obesity Assessment

The way we measure obesity is evolving, and the recent findings from The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting 2023 are making waves! A groundbreaking study led by Dr. Visaria and his team has spotlighted the limitations of relying solely on Body Mass Index (BMI) as the indicator for obesity. The results are astounding: when Dual-energy X-ray […]

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Am I Too Old to Build Muscle: Overcoming Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia, the progressive and accelerated loss of muscle mass and strength as we age, poses significant risks to our overall health and independence. Sarcopenia affects a substantial portion of the population over the age of 60 (up to a quarter of the population), increasing the risk of falls, fractures, hospitalization, loss of independence, and chronic […]

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How Incidental Physical Activity May Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer, a leading cause of mortality worldwide, often seems like an unavoidable threat. While there are genetic and environmental risk factors you cannot avoid, it has been widely shown that regular, structured exercise can reduce the risk of most types of cancer. However, what if the key to reducing cancer risk lay not in spending […]

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Regained Weight? Here's How to Get Back on Track

You're not alone. Many people struggle with weight regain, and there is help available. The reason so many of us struggle to keep the weight off is that maintaining (like losing) takes effort. A few months, or years past the end of your weight loss program, you may have discovered that there are fewer rewards […]

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5 Easy Things to Make in the Microwave

The microwave has become an essential appliance in many kitchens, and for good reason. It's a convenient and time-saving way to cook a variety of dishes, from simple snacks to full-course meals. Here are just a few of the things you can make in the microwave: In addition to cooking meals, the microwave can also […]

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