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Our Results

We want every client to achieve their weight loss and improved health goals.  Our research shows that our world-class clinical model is producing industry-leading results that you can be confident in. Our programs are designed with a focus on losing weight from week one.

Weight loss & weight maintenance

Our clinical results based on 1,163 clients analysed over a 16 year period, show clients on our 12 month weight loss programs lost on average 19.6kgs^

Weight loss and weight maintenance go hand in hand and very facet of our clinical support is designed to maintain weight loss. Our clinical results show 75% of the original weight loss# is maintained after 12 months^


^Your results may vary.

Reduction to their waist measurement

Our clinical results show clients on our 12 month weight loss program lose an average of 17.6cms^ from their waist

This reduces their risk of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some cancers


^Your results may vary.

Fat loss and maintenance of lean tissue

Our clinical results show clients on our 12 month weight loss program lose an average of 16.3kgs of fat^ with their lean tissue preserved



^Your results may vary.

Lower their blood pressure & cardiovascular risk

Our clinical results show clients on our 12 month weight loss program reduce their systolic blood pressure by 9.8mmHg^ and their diastolic blood pressure by 7.4mmHg^

Our clinical results show that clients on a 12 months weight loss program lower their total cholesterol, lower their ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol, improve their ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol and lower their fasting blood glucose levels resulting in lower health risk

Our clinical results show clients on our 12 month weight loss program reduce their 5 year risk of heart attack and stroke by 47%^


^Your results may vary.

Improve their mental health

Our clinical results show clients enjoy a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression – regardless of how much weight they lose, and regardless of their commencement weight


^Your results may vary.

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Average weight loss on LifeShape program

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Clients on Support who maintain their weight loss 1 year after program completion

Your Clinical Team

You aren’t alone in your weight loss journey: you will see our health professionals in a private one-on-one setting each week. This allows you to focus on any issues that are stopping you from achieving your healthy weight, and discuss them in a confidential and caring setting.

Your personal LifeShape team incorporates qualified health professionals including a Doctors, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist and Diabetic Nurse Educator. We have over 30 staff working in 7 clinics around Australia, each with significant formal training and experience working in weight management.

Invest in You.

The health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are immeasurable.  An investment in a LifeShape program is an investment improving your quality of life, improving your health, feeling better and living longer.


All inclusive program

Your program fees include all standard clinical appointments, including dietetic, exercise physiology, medical, and standard psychology appointments are included, as well as all program resources, manual, LifeShape cook book, standard DEXA scans, and classes in the LifeShape Kitchen (where available).


Flexible payment options

The estimated investment in your program is between $75-$188 per week, depending on the type and length of program our Dietitians recommend for you, and the payment option selected.


Private health rebates

All your appointments are with qualified health professionals, so you are entitled to rebates from most private health funds up to your individual policy limits.


Join with a partner, save with a partner!

Stay motivated and join with a friend or family member and receive 10% off both programs. Or receive a 10% discount on your LifeShape program when paid before program commencement.