Weight Loss Tips

When is the Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss?

We all know exercise is good for us. Resistance training assists with the health of your bones, joints, muscles, and metabolism. Cardiorespiratory exercise benefits your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory system and can also improve the metabolic health of your muscle cells. Exercise can also increase longevity; decrease the risk of developing a chronic disease; help with […]

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3 Healthy Soft Drink Alternatives

Soft drinks are a popular beverage choice around the world. However, these drinks often contain a significant amount of added sugars, which can have negative impacts on health when consumed in excess.  Thankfully, there are now many healthier and more natural alternatives to traditional soft drinks that can still satisfy our cravings for something sweet […]

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What is the Ice Hack Diet & Does it Work?

Dietary supplements that claim to increase metabolism have become popular among those seeking to lose weight. However, many of these supplements are not supported by scientific evidence and make unsubstantiated claims about their effects. What is the alpine ice hack? Alpilean is a dietary supplement that proponents claim to help individuals lose weight by reducing […]

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Is Exercise the Best Medicine for Good Mental Health?

With each passing year, mental health is becoming an increasingly focal topic and with less stigma attached to it there is a worrying picture emerging of just how many people are affected by issues of mental health. The last three years have been filled with increased uncertainty and social isolation due to the pandemic and […]

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Resistance Training: “Heavy” or the highway?

Performing resistance training is a mode of exercise with many health benefits but it appears to be underutilised by much of the Australian population. Resistance training wasn’t promoted in national public health guidelines until 2014 when the Australian guidelines for physical activity for healthy adults included at least two days per week of strengthening exercise […]

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Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss?

Do I have a slow or fast metabolism? Metabolism is a frequently occurring word in the arena of health, nutrition, and exercise. There are few of us who can say that we have not heard (or even uttered the words ourselves) “slow metabolism” or “fast metabolism”, usually in the context of comparing two people and […]

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