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Our personalised programs provide you with the support you need so you can maintain a healthy weight and focus on what matters.

Our LifeShape programs

Getting to your goal weight can be an incredibly challenging. Perhaps you’ve already achieved your weight loss goal, only to find yourself right back where you started. It can be a painful journey and for those of us who struggle with weight, it can seem endless.

LifeShape programs focus on ending that cycle. We want you to put an end to fad dieting and exercise crazes. We want you to lose weight with a complete approach – and keep it off. We want to see you see results.


Weight loss that works

LifeShape programs are personalised to your individual medical history and health goals, and focus from losing weight from week 1 - giving you confidence and better health.


Your team of qualified clinicians

With over 179,000 hours of consulting experience the clinical team of doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists & diabetic nurse educators have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.


Lasting results, long term health

Being healthy is about more than losing weight and feeling better, it's about staying that way too. Our program is focused around helping you achieve a healthy weight, that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

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Average weight loss on LifeShape program

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Clients on Support who maintain their weight loss 1 year after program completion

Karen Learned Healthy Tools for Life

Karen struggled with body image from a very young age. Many years later, she finally found her remedy with the Wesley LifeShape Clinic, and is now confident in both herself and her health.

“The results really will make you very proud of yourself.”

Ziena’s unhealthy weight was impacting her life in a negative way. Now she has more energy, strength and feels so much happier.

“I’m looking forward to what the future brings.”

Ingrid’s weight gain crept up on her over the past few years. Now, she is living life to the fullest and feels she is not missing out on anything.

“The clinic tailored a program to suit me.”

With the support of the LifeShape Clinic team, Tom has the drive and energy to do well at work, exercise daily and still go out with his friends.

Tomorrow becomes never. Get started today.