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For over 20 years, LifeShape Clinic has been helping Australians achieve healthier, happier lives. With over 175,000 hours of consulting experience, our dedicated team of health professionals is highly experienced and can assist you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

In 2001 we commenced clinical weight loss services based in Brisbane’s premier private hospital, the Wesley Hospital. By 2004 we had outgrown our Clinic in the Wesley Hospital campus and opened our second and third clinics in Brisbane. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 we commenced at the Gold Coast, Rockhampton and Toowoomba respectively. In 2012 we commenced in the bayside precinct of Gumdale. Our initial Clinic was called the Wesley Weight Management Clinic and in 2013 we changed our name to Wesley LifeShape Clinic reflecting the lifestyle and health benefits you gain from losing weight, improving your fitness and importantly improving your life.

In 2006-07 we were very proud to win Queensland’s Telstra Business of the Year, the premier business award for Queensland.

Each year we re-examine our LifeShape Clinical model to add the latest in clinical thinking and practice for long term weight loss. In 2015 we opened our first Sydney CBD LifeShape Clinic at Barangaroo and in 2017 we commenced in Melbourne in the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. To support our expansion into Sydney and Melbourne we said a sad goodbye to the ‘Wesley’ and proudly continued as the LifeShape Clinic.

In 2018 we commenced our latest LifeShape Clinic in the fast-growing North Lakes precinct in Queensland continuing our goal to have the premier position in lifestyle medicine and weight loss in Australia.

The LifeShape Clinic is not an overnight success but built on the 90 years of combined clinical experience of its health professional team. You can be assured that every piece of advice is relevant to your circumstances and is backed by a passionate and professional medical team.

The LifeShape Vision

Our core focus is to support each client with the tools to successfully achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for the long term. Throughout your program, you can expect only the highest quality personalised medical advice and professionalism from your team. We want every client to leave every appointment believing they are achieving the goals set out at the commencement of their program.

Losing weight is not just about the numbers – the significant changes achieved by our clients flow across a wide range of lifestyle and quality of life areas.

Our team of specialist medical professionals will support you by creating a personalised and balanced weight loss plan to reduce your weight, improve your nutrition, exercise and mindset – so you can break the dieting cycle and focus on enjoying life. High quality research shows that reaching a healthy weight will give you extra years of life and importantly high quality of life years.

To get started on your own personalised weight loss or diabetes management program, book your no-obligation initial assessment with a Dietitian by calling 1800 567 348 or book an Initial Assessment online. You can also read the testimonials of successful clients or view clinical studies of our results.


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Our Disclaimer: All client testimonials are genuine accounts of experiences on the LifeShape program. Due to the personalised nature of the LifeShape program, results may vary based on an individual’s compliance, motivation and personal history.
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