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You’re not alone! Throughout your program, you’ll see a team of tertiary-qualified health professionals who specialise in weight loss and behaviour change in a one-on-one setting every week. Our health professionals will empower you with practical advice in the areas of nutrition, exercise and healthy living. Together, they’ll provide you with the structure and support you need to lose weight and improve your health for life.

Here’s how we’ll help you


You’ll have consultations with your Dietitian nearly every week of your program. They’ll create a nutritionally-balanced meal plan that is tailored to your lifestyle, teach you healthy eating strategies, provide feedback and advice, and discuss any issues from stopping you achieve your healthy weight goal. Importantly, they’re always there for you if you have any questions regarding your health, program or meal plan.


Doctors specialising in weight management will perform a comprehensive medical history and physical examination to ensure safe and healthy weight loss. They’ll monitor your treatments throughout the program and liaise with your own GP or Specialist on your progress and any medical issue. You will also see them during the maintenance phase and on completion of your program.

Exercise Physiologist

Our Exercise Physiologists will show you the right exercise to lose body fat and improve your metabolic rate. They’ll assess your goals and then prescribe and guide you through a training program that will be tailored specifically to you. They’ll also oversee your DEXA Scan to identify where internal body fat is contributing to increased health risks, and accurately map your body composition changes through your weight loss.


Our psychologist will identify your eating cues and provide positive and practical tools to help you control them. By working with our psychologist you’ll improve your mental health, reduce your weight, and maintain a healthy balance.

Personalised One-On-One Care

Our team care approach to weight loss and diabetes management is world class and puts your health and care front and centre. A benefit of seeing our team is that your program is tailored to your individual needs – whatever they may be. Our team have seen thousands of patients – so they know all the issues and roadblocks, and most importantly how to get you results. You can talk to our health professionals about confidential matters such as stress in your life or comfort eating episodes, or ask them to teach you practical skills such as healthy cooking and grocery shopping.

At every consultation, our health professionals record detailed notes on a confidential, highly secure, integrated electronic patient management system. The notes are accessed by your doctor and health professionals to ensure safe and healthy weight loss. Because the Lifeshape team all utilise the one electronic patient management system, your records are always up to date and importantly checked by our team prior to each consultation.

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Join the thousands of Australians we've already helped with our medically supervised weight loss programs.


lost 30.4kg^
"LifeShape came at the right time for me, I liked the holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle with weekly dietitian visits at its core. You build a relationship with your dietitian, where you can be vulnerable, you don't feel judged, and can trust they have your best interests at heart."


lost nearly 40kg^
“They offer a whole package – having blood tests, seeing a doctor, an exercise physiologist, psychologist and having body scans. There was so much more involved in losing the weight at LifeShape. Seeing a dietitian one on one each week was a huge benefit."


lost 21.2kg^
“Weekly dietitian appointments and support from a psychologist, an exercise physiologist and a GP were very appealing. I wanted to get to the bottom of whether there was something specific to me that made it harder to control my weight than for other people."

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Our Disclaimer: All client testimonials are genuine accounts of experiences on the LifeShape program. Due to the personalised nature of the LifeShape program, results may vary based on an individual’s compliance, motivation and personal history.

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