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Get specialist support and advice from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals

Your Journey & Our Experience

8,000+ clients

Lose from 5-50kg+

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LifeShape’s scientific approach to losing weight and keeping it off


A no-obligation initial assessment with an Accredited Practising Dietitian who will recommend a LifeShape program based on your weight loss & health goals.


Our team will design a personalized program to help you reach your goal, feel better and be healthier.


Start shaping the new you by putting your personalised food and activity plans into action, which will have you losing weight & developing healthy habits from week 1.


You’ll be supported by our expert clinicians including a doctor, psychologist, dietitian, and exercise physiologist.


Live the life you’ve imagined for so long, but we’re always here to help support you maintain your healthy weight for life.

Why LifeShape Works

You’ve probably tried to lose weight before.  Here’s why you can succeed this time.


We will supply you with weekly meal plans designed by our Dietitians, and guide you to healthier eating behaviours.

Healthy Mindset

Our Psychologists will help you implement healthy eating behaviours and address concerns such as emotional eating.

Keeping Active

Easy to complete, weekly exercise plans designed by an Exercise Physiologist will help you fit physical activity into your daily routine.

Medically Supervised

Our Doctor will assess you, your medical history, and test results to ensure your weight loss is healthy and personalised to you.


We go beyond the scales with DEXA Scans to highlight major risk factors affecting your wellbeing, and guide you to a healthy weight.

Support System

Stay on track and feel fully supported with one-on-one appointments with our qualified medical team. Plus client support group.


You’ll get specialist support and advice from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who each help with a different aspect of your weight loss journey.

In your LifeShape support network, you’ll have:

Why Our Clients Trust Us

LifeShape programs have a sensational track record, successfully helping thousands of Australians find their best weight loss approach. We’ve fine-tuned our cutting-edge program over the last 20 years, which is why our clients trust our team to deliver results.

2,099 clients rated us 4.4 out of 5 across all key areas of service delivery.

    What Our Clients Say

    Before Sally started a LifeShape Program she was unhappy with the way she was feeling. She was sluggish, had no energy and she really knew she needed to make a change.

    Justin avoided activities and social situations because of his weight. Seeing his dietitian every week was a fantastic experience saying the great thing about the program is there’s so much support it’s impossible to fail.

    Functions, lunches, and too many beers had Former Australian Test Cricketer Greg Ritchie tipping the scales at 133kgs. A health scare from his Cardiologist was the hammer on the head he needed to take control of his health. It was his time to take action, and he’s now on track to lose 35kg.

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