“My cardiologist told me I was a ticking time bomb. He said you’re a heart attack waiting to happen. I pictured myself as a burden on my wife, and having my daughter look at her dad incapacitated. You can’t afford not to do it, you may pay with your life. Do it for yourself, but do it for those who love you as well.”

Greg Ritchie - Lost 24kg^

Former Australia Test Cricketer

Starting Out at 133kg

Functions, lunches, and too many beers had Former Australian Test Cricketer Greg Ritchie tipping the scales at 133kgs. A health scare from his Cardiologist was the hammer on the head he needed to take control of his health.

One day when he looked in the mirror, he said enough was enough and reached out for help to get his weight under control. It was his time to take action, and he got on track to lose his goal of 35kg.

24kg^ Lighter Feeling Fantastic

He talked the talk, now he’s walking the walk! Greg’s 24kgs^ lighter, feeling fantastic, and on his way to his 35kg weight loss goal.

This Aussie sporting legend says he now feels as good as he did back in his test cricket days. Best of all, he’s done it without having to compromise his lifestyle because his personalised program fits right into his busy schedule.

After losing 24kg^, Greg’s noticing even the simplest things are easier in his life. Things like tying his own shoes and getting out of bed in the morning – but important things nonetheless.

“Waking up in the morning at 133kg and waking up 24kg lighter than that – is light years apart. I’m sleeping so much better, my wife tells me I’ve stopped snoring. I spring out of bed, I look forward to going and doing my walk. Mentally I’m so much clearer – there’s no fogginess anymore.”

- Greg

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