“The results really will make you very proud of yourself.”

Tell our readers a bit about yourself: 

I am part of a business and work full time as a GP. I am also a busy wife and mum. I love having time to myself to recharge but I also enjoy catching up with friends, socialising and having fun.

Tell us what initially led you/motivated you to join the LifeShape Clinic Program?

My unhealthy weight, the way this made me feel and how it impacted on all parts of my life in such a negative way. I found it hard to work as a doctor, and tell other people what they should be doing to be healthier, when I wasn't doing it myself. This was the main driving force behind my motivation. Also, remembering a previous positive outcome with weight loss and wanting to feel that way again.

Had you tried any diets/programs before coming to the LifeShape Clinic? Were they successful?
Yes! I have tried many over the years with little long term success.

Ziena-web-230x450How has the LifeShape Program been different to these?

The program is different in so many ways when compared to other options out there. It is a credible, scientifically proven program where there is accountability and results! It incorporates all the elements - exercise, diet, psychology, medical - which all contribute to a permanent lifestyle change.

What was the hardest part about trying to lose weight? How have you overcome this/these obstacles?
The hardest part is when your weight plateaus even though you are doing all of the right things. The challenge is to remain motivated and not give up. My motivation at this point was the most beautiful (and very expensive) dress that I was determined to wear. There was no way I was not going to wear that gorgeous Sass and Bide number! The support from my dietitian combined with my motivation helped me get past the plateau and it was so worth it. And I felt like I was worth it and deserved to wear the dress too.

What led you to join a support program after finishing your core program?

I liked that I had to be accountable to myself and my dietitian. Driving from the sunshine coast for every consultation meant I was very respectful of that appointment. I believe my ongoing success is highly attributed to having support appointments.

How do you feel with your progress on support? How has it assisted you in achieving your goals?

I feel wonderful and am very happy! The support is excellent and I feel confident, more energetic and healthier. I smile and laugh more easily and no longer feel afraid or apprehensive about challenges or obstacles. I feel ready to face life head on and enjoy! And when I talk to my patients I feel like I am setting an example and actually “practice what I preach” when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Now, I enjoy exercise more than ever, especially going for long walks or a run.

Has your weight loss so far generated any health benefits?
I have noticed many health benefits including lower cholesterol and increased cardio fitness. As I mentioned before, I have so much more energy and strength and feel happier. I am more motivated to exercise and am doing much more that I have done in the past. I have found both running and walking to be extremely beneficial to my overall success - it's important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy! I even completed a 10 km half marathon recently with my son and trekked Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. There is no way I would have been able to contemplate let alone complete these challenges prior to joining the Wesley LifeShape Program.

Ziena Day OneWhat aspects of the Program do you think are the most helpful?

The support offered and knowing the program is a credible and scientifically proven one meant I had faith in the structure and what was required of me. The follow up and monitoring of my progress and accountability is also extremely helpful and motivational. The tools learnt on the program stay with you. This is important as you need to keep your new routine going or old habits will slip back in and you will regain your weight. I tell my patients I am "a reformed overweight person" meaning it’s something that is ongoing and worth the attention and continued follow up. The results really will make you happy and feeling very proud of yourself - you will fall in love with yourself all over again.

Have you encouraged anyone else to join the LifeShape Program since starting all those years ago?

Yes! I have encouraged many of my friends and also patients. I let them know if you don’t take charge and partner with a good program their weight loss won’t happen. A patient told me once that if I offered myself the same time and kindness that I offer to others I would not have a problem – her message was to move myself to the top of the priority list. I now believe the best relationship you should have in life is with yourself. This is something I pass on to others and it really gets people thinking and spurs them into action!



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