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5 Great Things That Happened in 2020

Now that the festive season has officially finished and we are heading back to work and adopting some normality in our day to day, it is important to reflect on the year we have just had. 2020 was challenging across the board, but let’s switch the narrative and celebrate our many triumphs. Below are some […]

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Are Plant-based Faux Meats Healthy?

While I understand the need to reduce or even, in some cases, avoid meat, I really don’t understand this trend to plant burgers and sausages. Yes, we need to eat more vegetables; yes, we need to cut back on meat - especially red meat and processed meat. However, that doesn’t translate to a burger created […]

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Meal Kit Subscriptions: Are They a Time Saver for Busy Families?

Are these really a time saver? Should you start using them? Who are they best for – singles? Couples? Or families? Having used a few, Catherine Saxelby sets out to investigate.

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Never Give Up On Yourself - We Won't Give Up On You

Have you tried every dieting app, group program, or ready meal under the sun and lost weight only to regain it? Here's why LifeShape works.

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Study: Total Dietary Replacement & Behavioural Support Leads to Greater Weight Loss

A new study confirms total dietary replacement & behavioural support leads to greater weight loss.

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Why You Should Stop Googling Health Advice

So before you consult Dr Google, check out these things to consider.

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