If you’ve recently found yourself working from home, you might be feeling a bit out of place. With your routine off, it’s easy to let healthy practises like exercise go out the door. However now more than ever it’s important to eat well and keep active for a healthy immune system.

So, here are our tips to keep healthy when working from home.

Keep a regular schedule – Even though things may seem disrupted right now, keep to a routine as much as possible. Get up at your normal time, get dressed, and work your normal hours, with regular meal breaks. Don’t be tempted to stay up late, and sleep in just because you’re at home! Keeping this schedule will keep your body clock on track.

Set a defined workspace – Set up a desk away from distractions such as the TV. A defined workspace will help you keep a clearer divide between work and home life. Don’t be tempted to type away from the comfort of your bed! Since your office isn’t dead silent, you might actually find it easier to work if you have the radio on low in the background for white noise.

Keep a workout routine – You might not be able to head to the gym right now, but that’s no excuse not to keep active. Check out some at home workout plans, walk around your yard, and get up from your desk regularly.

Eat well – If you’re a grazer, don’t be tempted to raid the fridge frequently throughout the day. Instead sit at your kitchen table and enjoy meals during allotted break times. If you find your mind wandering to food, ask yourself if you’re hungry or bored, stressed or lonely. You might find it useful to keep a food diary to track what you’re eating so you’re not tempted to grab extras throughout the day. To help take the guess work out of healthy snacking at home, we’ve made our LifeShape LED range of bars, shakes and soup available online.

Meal prepping – While you’re working from home you might be thinking the freedom of lunch will be fantastic! However having prepared healthy meals in the kitchen will stop the temptation to make unhealthy meals on the fly. If your local grocery store shelves are looking empty and you’re stuck for healthy, options check out our pantry friendly recipes.

Drink water – If you’re at home out of the heat, you might be missing your body’s cues to drink water throughout the day. Keep a glass on your desk and take regular breaks to fill it in the kitchen. This is a great way to ensure you’re taking small breaks from your workstation. While we’re on the topic of hydration maintain a moderate level of caffeine by limiting yourself to 1-2 cups of coffee or tea per day.

Connect with colleagues – Scheduling regular phone or video link ups will help you feel connected to your team. Collaborate online using project managers or use screen sharing to finish important projects to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed by your workload which may lead to stress eating.

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