The 4 Best High Protein Yoghurts for Weight Loss

Yoghurts form a popular part of the dairy market, and the range of options available is ever expanding. In response to consumer demand, more and more high protein yoghurts are appearing on the market. Here are some of our favourites for weight loss.


Protein is associated with satiety (the feeling of fullness), so a high protein yoghurt is one way to maximise the amount of protein you’re getting, and the low fat milk used helps to keep the calories low. These are perfect for morning or afternoon tea.

In addition to being a great snack to help with weight control, these products are also providing calcium, which is essential for keeping bones strong.


  1. Chobani Fit – 170g serving size, 100 calories, 16 g protein and 5-6 g sugar/serve
  2. Danone YoPro – 160g serve, 100 calories, 15 g protein and 5-7.5 g sugar/serve
  3. Danone YoPro Perform – 175g serve, 120 calories, 20 g protein and 6-7 g sugar/serve
  4. Siggi’s – 125 g serve, 130-140 calories, 10-12 g protein and 8-11.5 g sugar/serve


Thick and creamy with different plain, fruit and sweet varieties (e.g. vanilla or salted caramel), there’s plenty of choice and you should be able to find a flavour that suits your palate.

Both the Chobani Fit and the Danone YoPro products are sweetened with stevia, so keep this in mind if this is a flavour you don’t like.


  1. Chobani Fit $2.25
  2. Danone YoPro $2.40
  3. Danone YoPro Perform $3.00
  4. Siggi’s $2.30


All of the products above come in individual portions, making it easy to grab and go and not have to worry about measuring portions. The availability of different products and flavours means you can mix it up to keep things interesting for your taste buds.


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