Product review: The Spice Tailor Classic Tarka Daal

This product is something that’s crept into our cupboards after finding them on special and we were craving some Indian! It’s a product that lasts for a long time, it’s really easy to make, all while tasting fresh and authentic. It’s vegetarian too so works for a lot of different people.

Spice Tailor is the creation of Anjum Anand a cookery writer, tv presenter and self-proclaimed “mompreneur”. She’s hosted cooking shows on the BBC in the UK and the SBS network in Australia. She started the Spice Tailor to “bring the real flavours” of India to home cooks in Australia. She claims that the meals are “versatile, healthy and delicious”. So let’s take a look at the classic Tarka Daal from the Spice Tailor.

Taste – 10/10

This dhal is really creamy and packed with flavour. It’s very moreish and is as good as any you’ll find in an Indian restaurant. It’s not spicy, and the chilli they provide in the packets of spices is very mild. So, if you like things hot you just have to leave this in for longer when you’re cooking.

Nutrition – 18/20

Nutrition Information (500gram packet)

Ingredients: Water, Bengal Lentils (14%), Tomatoes (10%), Red Lentils (8%), Onions, Sunflower Oil, Garlic (1%), Salt, Spices, Ginger, Cumin, Turmeric, mustard seeds.


 Per serve (250gram)Per 100g

This is such a great ingredients list and their promise of “no nasties” is delivered. The only preservatives are natural coming from the oil and salt in the recipe, and they haven’t used any additional colours or flavours. This is why it tastes so authentic because they’re using good spices to get flavour into the dish.

It is fairly low in fat with the equivalent of approximately 1.5 teaspoons, and the fact that only a very small portion of the fat content is saturated fats makes this a well balanced option! This packet is also very low in sugar with only three grams of sugar per serve.

This dhal is packed with vegies including lentils, tomatoes and onions making it a very high fibre option. This dish is also very high in protein because it’s packed with lentils so it will help you feel fuller for longer.

This pack says that it contains 2 serves with each serve totalling approximately 250calories or 1050kJ. This allows you to add a small portion of rice OR a side of broccoli/beans and a dollop of tzatziki to balance out the flavours and textures of the dish. If you’re on a 1200 calorie meal plan this means this meal is appropriate for lunch or dinner. For those on a 1500 calorie meal plan they can add a small portion of rice. 

Overall a very nutrient dense and healthy option for a quick and easy dinner.

Convenience 9/10

Convenience wise this dish takes approximately 5 minutes to prepare and there’s only one fry pan to clean up so it gets a big tick from us! As it’s long lasting it’s also easy to have as a backup “emergency meal” on those nights when you’re not sure what you’re planning to eat.

The bottom line

This dhal kit is delicious, nutritious, vegetarian, low in fats and sugars and easy to prepare. It’s a regular lunch option for some of the dietitians here at LifeShape Clinic and we highly recommend it!


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