Product Review: Super Nature Slow Cooked Rosemary Lamb Hot Pot

The Super Nature frozen meals and products are something that we often suggest clients should try here at LifeShape Clinic. The Super Nature frozen meals are made in Australia with 100% Australian meat. The meals are snap frozen which they claim helps to keep in the freshness and flavour of their product.

The description of the Slow Cooked Rosemary Lamb Hot Pot on the packet is as follows: Lamb slow cooked with rosemary, green lentils, yellow split peas, pumpkin, red capsicum, green peas & carrots, topped with a hearty sweet potato, parsnip, root vegetable mash.

Taste – 8/10

The flavour and texture of this meal are really pleasant. It really is like a hearty stew with delicious creamy mash. One complaint for this one is that there simply wasn’t enough! We wanted more lamb, and more of everything really.

Nutrition – 14/20

Nutrition Information (300gram packet)

Ingredients: Rosemary Sauce [Water, Vegetables , Green Lentils (1.5%), Tomato Paste, Starch, Yellow Split Peas (1%), Brown Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Yeast Extract, Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic, Salt, Rosemary, Malt Powder (Barley)], Root Vegetable Mash (23%) [Water, Vegetables {Butternut Pumpkin, Sweet Potato (1%), Parsnip (1%), Carrot (1%)}, Potato Flake {Potatoes, Emulsifier (471), Food Acid (Citric Acid)} Vegetable Oil, Spices, Salt, Herb, Paprika Extract (160c)], Slow-Cooked Lamb [Lamb (8%), Water, Starch, Soy Protein, Salt, Spices, Malt Powder (Barley), Rosemary], [Butternut Pumpkin (6%), Red Capsicum (6%)], Peas (3%).ALLERGENS: This product contains Gluten (Wheat, Barley) and Soy. May contain Peanuts and Tree Nuts due to shared equipment.

Nutritional Information

Servings Per Package: 1
Serving Size: 300g
Average Qty Per ServeAverage Qty Per 100g
(219 Cal)
(73 Cal)
Fat, Total6.9g2.3g
Dietary Fibre5.7g1.9g

Energy wise, this meal could benefit from a few more calories. At 219 it’s just a little too small for a main meal, but a little bit too big for a snack.

Super Nature meals are free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and you can see this in the ingredients list. However if you were hoping for a meal filled with lamb and parsnip then you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s important to note that the lamb portion in this meal is very small. It only makes up 8% of the meal meaning you get approximately 24g of lamb which is the equivalent of 3-4 small bites. In the meal we tested for this article there were only 2 very small pieces of lamb that we could locate!

With such a small portion of lamb it’s no surprise this meal contains a little more than 10g of protein. If you were consuming this as one lunch or dinner, you’d be aiming for a 10-30g serve of protein depending on what you’ve had throughout the rest of the day.

The “hearty root vegetable mash” containing parsnip and sweet potato is made predominantly of potato and fillers such as Emulsifier (471). Interestingly Emulsifier 471 is made up of monoglycerides and diglycerides and it’s been used here to improve the texture of the potato but also to ensure that the gravy in this meal doesn’t mix with the potato in the dish. Nutritionally Emulsifier 471 won’t cause you any harm, however it is something they’ve added to improve the mouthfeel of the dish. It’s important to note that the root vegetable mash (which makes up 23% of the meal) has only a small portion (3%) of the more “gourmet” vegetables they list on the packet description (Butternut Pumpkin, Sweet Potato (1%), Parsnip (1%), Carrot (1%)). 

In terms of fat content, it is fairly low in fat with the equivalent of approximately 1.5 teaspoons. The fact that only a very small portion of the fat content is saturated fat makes this a well-balanced option.

The green lentils and yellow split peas included in this meal also help to boost the fibre content which, at 5.7grams, meets approximately one third of your daily recommendations.

This packet is also very low in sugar with only three grams of sugar per serve.

Convenience 10/10

This dish is so easy to prepare. It takes approximately 6 minutes in the microwave and the bowl they provide is easy to use so there’s no washing up. This meal is a great back up to have in the freezer for those days or nights you’re too tired to cook.


While the meals are made fresh in Perth, Western Australia the ingredients are sourced locally and globally so there are some air miles associated with the meals created. However, the packaging is all recyclable including the plastic (which can be taken to the REDcycle bins at the local supermarket) so this makes their product a little more environmentally friendly.

The bottom line

Overall a fairly nutrient dense, tasty and healthy option for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Because it’s only 219 calories and fairly low in protein we suggest adding a high protein “dessert” such as a yoghurt so that you’re a little bit more satiated after eating.


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