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Milton Clinic's New DEXA Scanner

CEO and Founder of LifeShape Clinic, Neil Holt, is aiming to break the cycle of crash dieting and help people create long term, healthy habits.

“Losing weight isn’t just about the numbers,” Neil says. “Our professional team of doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and psychologists work together to help each client complete their weight loss puzzle. As a result, 75% of clients maintain their weight loss when following a support program.”

With such great results, Neil and the team are continuing to improve their service by installing a Duel Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scanner at their Milton Clinic in Brisbane. DEXA is the gold standard for body composition testing and the clinic will be utilising it to accurately map clients’ body composition changes, as well as to identify where internal body fat is contributing to increased health risks.

“We have an unshakeable belief in clinical quality, and implementing a DEXA forms just part of our commitment to conducting a world-class weight loss clinic,” says Neil. “To date, we have been using an external provider to conduct client DEXA scans. However, this will be the first machine to be installed within one of our clinics.”

LifeShape Clinic are pioneering the use of DEXA scans in the weight loss industry. The devices are currently widely used for bone density scanning and by elite athletes to map lean muscle mass. However, the clinic are the first to utilise this technology to track the positive outcomes of healthy lifestyle changes of diet and exercise on the body.

“We aim to show our clients the tangible effect weight loss has on their bodies, particularly in the reduction of internal or visceral fat which is a leading indicator for vascular metabolic disease risk,” Neil says. “It’s exciting to be leading the way in the marketplace for this type of service.”

The results are conveniently available immediately after every scan, which will be explained by an expert allied health professional at the consultation. This includes comparing the results to population health data and identifying any key high risk areas. Which is just as well, given research is showing that being overweight has similar health risks to being a long-term smoker – which can reduce your lifespan by up to 8-10 years.

“This technology is one of the most accurate in the world,” Neil says. “The results given by a DEXA provide a much more detailed snapshot of the body compared to other technology such as Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis for example. The technology is also very safe. It’s one of the lowest radiation dose tests available, equivalent to being outdoors for half a day.”

From their humble beginnings in south-east Queensland over 15 years ago, LifeShape Clinic have recently expanded to Sydney and Melbourne, helping more than 10,000 Australians lose over 100,000 kilograms across the eastern seaboard.

“Everyone wants good health and the best quality of life they can achieve, so I feel very proud to have grown our business,” says Neil. “However, we are more committed than ever to reducing the health risks associated with obesity for our clients close to home in Brisbane.”

The Discovery DEXA System was installed in December 2017 by Hologic who are widely regarded as the leader in DEXA technology across the globe. LifeShape Clinic have commenced scans for clients in Brisbane at their Milton clinic. Clients in Sydney and Melbourne are provided with scans through partner clinics.

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