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A Healthy Easter at Home

Normally with Easter fast approaching, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy weight or continue to actively lose weight.  Coupled now with COVID-19 and the limitations we all face, we have put together some tips and strategies that you may find useful during this unusual Easter holiday break to help you stay on track.

1. Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle

To be able to maintain your usual physical activity levels and food intake, this may require pre planning. Plan ahead before doing the weekly grocery shop by planning out your meals, checking your pantry and refrigerator for ingredients and then making a shopping list.  With current activity limitations, think of creative activities that you and the family can do without leaving home such as a handball competition in the garage, obstacle course in the backyard, setting up an exercise stations in the backyard, skipping, doing an online yoga or pilates class or going for a local walk taking into account social distancing requirements.

2. Keep a food diary

Jotting down your daily eats is always a good idea when managing your weight, but around Easter, it is a great way to ensure you don’t over indulge. A food diary will keep you aware of how much chocolate you are consuming, compared to how much exercise you’re doing to burn it all off.  Did you know that research says people who do a food diary, lose twice as much weight as people who don’t?

3. Keep healthy food in the house

Easter time normally can get busy, with lots of visitors and special celebrations, however, this Easter will look a bit different due to families being recommended to stay at home. Plan what foods you will need in the house during this holiday time and have them ready to go. Keep your treats for dessert and eat your Easter eggs after having a protein based or high fibre meal.

4. Don’t buy excess amounts of chocolate

As we know with Easter time, many of your families and friends will gift you chocolates especially as supermarkets continue to be open whilst a lot of retail shops have chosen to close temporarily. So the less you buy for the house, the less that will be available to snack on. Alternatively, ask for presents that are not sweets related, such as flowers, new winter pj’s, a book – all of which can be purchased online.

5. Give in to cravings, small is smart

Having a small amount of chocolate can be part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with having some chocolate at Easter time. No one needs to be left out! Instead, have your usual healthy foods then choose what chocolate you would like, plan when you would like to have it and pass on the rest. Make sure you eat the chocolate mindfully so you can truly experience the enjoyment of it.  You are much better off having a small amount that you will enjoy than a large amount and not feeling well or good about it afterwards!

6. Keep chocolate in the fridge or cupboard

When food is left out where it can be seen and accessed very easily, chances are it will be consumed in larger amounts over the course of the day than if it were out of sight.

7. Drink plenty of water

Keep hydrated over Easter. Often we mix up that we are hungry when we are thirsty.  Water is essential for quenching your thirst and the circulation of nutrients around the body.


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