7 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation & Enjoy Physical Activity

It’s common to feel apprehensive or self-conscious starting a new physical activity program. Here are our expert’s tips on overcoming the intimidation of heading to the gym or hitting the pavement for the first time or simply the first time in a long time.

1. Focus on your workout goals

Whether walking in the park or heading to the gym there will be other people going about their day or doing their own workout. Although it’s common to feel self-conscious getting into a new routine, try to focus on your workout plan or the goals for your workout rather than worrying if other people are looking at you (they aren’t!). No matter your fitness level, you will be surrounded by people of varying levels of abilities. So it’s also a good idea to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Planning your workout ahead of time is another great way to ensure you stay focussed. If negative thoughts start to sneak in, this is a great way to ensure you stick to your plan rather than finishing up early.

2. Workout with a friend

A great way to block out external thoughts and feelings about working out, is to do it with a friend! Completing your physical activity with a friend is likely to make the time go faster, and you’ll feel more relaxed with the support and company of someone you love.

3. Join a class

If you don’t have a friend or family member on hand, why not book a class? Surveys have shown the main reason many people participate in physical activity is for ‘fun’! So why not try something new and take part in a sporting activity within your community? Best of all most classes are customised to ability level – so you can join one to suit your current needs.

4. Buy some new and comfortable clothes

Treat yourself to some new clothes that feel good and make you feel comfortable. When trying to focus on your workout you don’t want to be distracted by ill fitting clothes that hinder your range of movement. While we’re on the topic of clothes, laying out or packing your gear the night before is a great way to ensure you make it to your workout, rather than avoid it.

5. Pop on a playlist or podcast

A great motivator to workout is music! Create a unique playlist, or find a premade one online that suits your mood and style. If straight music isn’t your thing, find a motivating podcast to distract your thoughts.

6. Consider training at a different time

If heading to the gym, park, or local cycling trail, you can always try heading out at quieter times until you feel more confident. Alternatively if you’d rather blend into a crowd, try heading out at a peak time!

7. Chat to your LifeShape Exercise Physiologist

Your Exercise Physiologist is a wealth of knowledge about physical activity. They can help tailor the perfect workout plan for you, no matter your fitness level. They can also assist in showing you how to perform moves, or use exercise equipment and your theraband properly.


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