5 Great Things That Happened in 2020

Now that the festive season has officially finished and we are heading back to work and adopting some normality in our day to day, it is important to reflect on the year we have just had. 2020 was challenging across the board, but let’s switch the narrative and celebrate our many triumphs. Below are some reminders of just how resilient and strong we all are.

5. You Spent More Quality Time with Loved Ones

Whether you were forced to stay at home with your immediate family, or finally had the time to skype your international friends and family, or you learned how to listen to your people in crisis; the pandemic forced you to stay connected without the luxury of an event or the distraction of everyday life.  

4. The Pandemic Forced You to Take Up Hobbies & Explore Closer to Home

Did you take up baking? Start exploring the many walking tracks that surround your home? Or did you finally figure out what this whole Tik Tok thing was, that your kids have been bugging you was all about? For many of us at LifeShape, 2020 was a time to learn that thing you always wanted or take time to see the beauty in our own backyard!

At LifeShape, as we were classed as an essential service, we were lucky to be able to work through this difficult time in assisting our clients to better their health, focus their negative energy and lose weight rather than pile on the COVID kilos. 

3. You Were Forced to Stop & Reflect

Without a day-to-day routine, we were forced to stop and reflect. Do we spend enough time with our families? Do we take care of ourselves well enough? Are we striving to be our best selves daily? Are we happy with our financial positions? Do we do enough to cultivate connections? All the heavy questions were asked or actioned and, in a time where we absorb information in short rapid bursts, what a luxury it was to have the time to truly reflect.

2. You got active

Lockdown exercise routines, daily walks to escape the house and socialise and incorporating daily activities to tire out housebound children all became a part of our new norm. We learned to adapt without gyms or how refreshing it can be to get outside and be active.

At LifeShape, we have realised how important exercise was throughout this time, not only to continue with goals of weight loss, but also to provide an important outlet for our bodies and minds. Our clients enjoyed our telehealth exercise sessions to continue to remain strong physically and mentally through this time.  It shows us we can continue to look after ourselves, even when the going gets tough.

1. The Outbreak of COVID-19 Forced You to Appreciate to Your Health

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has devastating effects on the vulnerable or unhealthy members of our community. Becoming vigilant with hygiene, becoming conscious of building a strong immunity, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle were all important aspects of our routine that we were forced to examine with a stronger lens.

Here at LifeShape Clinic our objective is to manifest a longer, happier, and healthier lifestyle for our clients. Through our classic and online programs, you can expect to be guided and supported by a medically and behaviour trained team both in clinic and via telehealth. Make this the year you turn reflection into action.


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