Program Outcomes

What Do You Have To Gain?

The structure of our LifeShape programs focuses on creating positive habits and provides you with realistic and effective weight management strategies for life.

Wesley LifeShape Clinic’s clinical team of qualified health professionals will support you the entire way and empower you with the skills you need to improve your health through long-term sustainable weight loss.

With the help of your LifeShape program Manual, our health professionals will teach you the practical skills you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Healthy eating,
  • Integrating exercise into your day,
  • Goal setting,
  • Eating cues,
  • Your fat burning zone,
  • Personal change,
  • Dealing with setbacks,
  • Managing thoughts, stress and time,
  • The dieting cycle,
  • Meal planning, grocery shopping and low fat cooking,
  • Eating styles and strategies,
  • Your energy requirements,
  • Eating out and takeaway meals,
  • Enjoyment of physical activity and
  • Personal development.

Each of these topics will be discussed in one-on-one consultations with your clinical team – so you are assured of personalised guidance and medical advice tailored to your individual needs at the right time throughout your journey to healthy living.

Your Support Network

We have found that one sole health professional cannot provide all of the support and information needed to lose weight and maintain it for life. That’s why we’ve assembled a passionate team of Doctors, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and Psychologists – together they form your own support network.

Your Dietitian will

    • Create a nutritionally balanced meal plan that is tailored to your lifestyle
    • Teach you healthy eating strategies and provide you with expert nutritional advice
    • Offer you support and motivation at your weekly consultations

Your Doctor will

    • Provide you with an in-depth medical assessment
    • Liaise with your GP or specialist to ensure the highest level of coordinated patient care

Your Psychologists will

    • Work with you to identify your eating cues and plan positive steps to help you control them

Your Exercise Physiologists will

    • Show you the right exercise intensity to lose body fat and improve your metabolic rate
    • Give you a personalised training program to your needs, level of ability, and goals.


Using our comprehensive team care approach, the team will design a program that’s personalised to you and develop strategies that can help teach you how to maintain a healthy weight for life.

Is it Right for Me?

Don’t let your weight or poor health define your life – success can be achieved by devising a realistic plan and achieving it one week at a time – so you can focus on living, not ‘dieting’.

The next step is to find out which of our weight loss programs is right for you with a one hour, no-obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians. The Dietitian will take your medical history and your measurements, talk to you about your weight loss goals and tell you what results you can expect from our weight loss program.

Our team is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy the many rewards that good health brings. Book your no-obligation initial assessment today by calling 1800 567 348 or online.