A Guide to Cost

The health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are immeasurable.  An investment in a LifeShape program is an investment improving your quality of life, improving your health, feeling better and living longer. There are no ‘packages’ here. We develop effective strategies to ensure you have all the pieces you need to complete your weight loss puzzle. For this reason, it can be tricky to recommend a program without assessing you, your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Your Investment in Good Health

Once one of our qualified Dietitians has assessed you, they will make a program recommendation and provide you with a full quote for your program. However, we know it’s nice to have an idea of what your program will cost. As a general guide, you can estimate the investment of your program to be between $75-$188 per week depending on the type and length of program and payment option selected. This is before any Private Health or Medicare rebates which may be applicable based on your eligibility and private health insurance level of cover.

Your Program Investment Inclusions

We have pulled together the best resources available to help you achieve success. When partnering with us, you can be assured that our medical, dietetic and exercise advice is soundly based on evidence-based research and adapted to your goals and history.

Your LifeShape program investment includes:

  • All standard medical, dietetic, diabetes, exercise physiology1 & psychology consultations2. Our shortest program has 13 clinical appointments aimed at weight losses of up to 8kg and our longest 59 clinical appointments for weight losses up to 50kgs.  We are there to support you every step of the way,
  • DEXA body composition testing,
  • Client resources such as a manual and cookbook,
  • Cooking demonstrations in the LifeShape Kitchen3, and
  • Pathology.


Payment for Your Program

LifeShape Clinic offers a monthly, interest-free payment plan to spread your payments over the duration of your treatment. We also offer:

  • A 10% discount for upfront program payment,
  • A 10% discount when you join with a friend or family member, and
  • An extended, interest-free payment plan to allow for lower monthly repayments over a longer period than the program delivery.

Your Dietitian will detail our payment options with you during your Initial Assessment to establish which is most appropriate for you.


Private Health Insurance and Medicare Rebates

LifeShape programs are medically-supervised and run by qualified health professionals. For this reason, you may be eligible for private health insurance rebates depending on your level of cover. We recommend consulting your health fund provider about eligible rebates for Dietitians, Exercises Physiologists, Psychologists and Diabetic Nurse Educators (if applicable). We can supply detailed receipts after each appointment for hassle-free claims.

Medical appointments with the LifeShape Clinic Doctor within each program are eligible for a Medicare rebate.  Rebates are also available for any Chronic Disease Management referral appointments seen within a LifeShape program.  Our LifeShape Psychologists accept Better Access referrals for additional psychology services.


Invest in You

The best way to find out which of our LifeShape programs is right for you, is to book an initial assessment with one of our qualified dietitians. They will take your medical history, talk to you about your weight loss goals and provide a program recommendation. An initial assessment with a fully qualified dietitian is $66, however if you decide to join a program, the fee will be waived at the time of joining.


  1. Additional supervised activity and resistance training appointments available on request.
  2. Additional private psychology appointments and Better Access psychology appointments available on request.
  3. On eligible programs at participating clinics.


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