A guide to cost

Programs and payment options for everybody, and every budget

The health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are immeasurable.  An investment in a LifeShape program is an investment improving your quality of life, improving your health, feeling better and living longer.

Your Investment in Good Health

LifeShape Clinic offers programs and payment options for everybody, and every budget.

For those looking to get started with a lower commitment, go for our LifeShape Flexi option. Flexi gives you complete control of the total cost and makeup of your program with add-on modules chosen by you! However if you’re after a comprehensive all-inclusive program go for our LifeShape Premium program which is designed with the most effective formula for weight loss.


A great choice for those
looking to get started at a
lower entry point.

from just $60/week*

*depending on the program type & payment

plan you choose

Perfect for those
looking for a comprehensive

from $75/week*

*depending on the program type & payment
plan you choose


Once one of our qualified Dietitians has assessed you, they will make a program recommendation and provide you with a full quote for your program.

Private Health & Medicare Rebates

LifeShape programs are medically-supervised and run by qualified health professionals. For this reason, you may be eligible for private health insurance rebates depending on your level of cover. We recommend consulting your health fund provider about eligible rebates for Dietitians, Exercises Physiologists, and Psychologists. We can supply detailed receipts after each appointment for hassle-free claims.

Medical appointments with the LifeShape Clinic Doctor within each program are eligible for a Medicare rebate.  Rebates are also available for any Chronic Disease Management referral appointments seen within a LifeShape program.  Our LifeShape Psychologists accept Better Access referrals for additional psychology services.

Payment for Your Program

LifeShape Clinic offers a range of payment options (depending on the program selected) including:


Monthly, interest-free payment plan to spread your payments over the duration of your treatment

A 10% discount for upfront program payment

A 10% discount when you join with a friend or family member

An extended, interest-free payment plan to allow for lower monthly repayments over a longer period than the program delivery

The best way to find out which of our LifeShape programs is right for you, is to book an initial assessment with one of our qualified dietitians. They will take your medical history, talk to you about your weight loss goals and provide a program recommendation. An initial assessment with a fully qualified dietitian is $66, however if you decide to join a program, the fee will be waived at the time of joining.


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