“It was a gradual process – you don’t realise it’s happening. Life just takes you on a path and when you’re busy with little kids you think about them, not about how to balance it all,” says Sarah.

Sarah was exhausted every day and becoming increasingly frustrated about not being able to buy the clothes she wanted to wear. It was at netball game with her daughter when the wakeup call she needed gave her the push to call the Wesley LifeShape Clinic.

1  “A friend gave me some advice. I was going to a lunch with friends and couldn’t find  anything to wear. She turned to me and said ‘You know what Sarah, why don’t you lose the weight? You’ve been saying it, you’re tired and sick of it, it’s not you.’ I picked up the phone and made an appointment the next day,” said Sarah.

With the help of the Clinic’s team, Sarah has lost over 26kgs^ throughout LifeShape 6 program– and more importantly to Sarah, she is now happy and excited about life again.

“What made me commit on the spot was when I saw the doctor. I didn’t realise how medically dire things were,” said Sarah. “When the Doctor told me I was obese, I realise just how bad it had become – and my sugar levels – any higher and I would have been diagnosed with diabetes.”

What it came back to for Sarah was that she wanted to be a good role model for her children. “It’s ok to self-indulge a little but it’s important to understand balance and live a healthy lifestyle. Being on the LifeShape program, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet or a strict regimen at all! There are things I say no to, but mostly I just make different choices now. I have changed my style of eating, the volume and also improved the quality of what I eat.”

What surprised Sarah most while on the LifeShape program was that she didn’t have to take herself out of her social scene. While on the program she chose to use meal replacements, but still kept one traditional meal which gave her the flexibility to still enjoy dinner out with family and friends.

“I was initially concerned it might affect my social commitments. However there was no need to take myself out of social situations. There are always ways around it. My LifeShape dietitian made me realise it’s all about planning and being organised – and together we developed strategies that worked for me.”

“Now, I don’t even measure things, I’ve simply learnt what’s appropriate. My dietitian has helped me learn how to make the right choices, and judge a portion all without feeling like I’m on a strict diet.”

With the skills Sarah’s learned from the LifeShape program even holidays and events manageable.

“I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year. I really enjoyed the Christmas holidays and I’ve found myself being more active and feeling less tired than other years.”

Over the Christmas/New Year period, Sarah found herself never having to deprive herself due to helpful tips and support from her dietitian.  While on the program, her team of dedicated health professionals had armed her with strategies to make good choices and maintain structure.

32I came back from three weeks of Christmas holidays and I would have been happy with simply maintaining my weight at that appointment. But I lost weight! That was when I realised I could still enjoy everything I wanted to enjoy in life, but still be healthy! I had a lot more energy, so I could do the walks to combat the extra food, it was like a cycle.”

After six months and 26kgs^, Sarah is now waking up feeling alive. The comments are coming thick and fast, not just on the weight loss but at how much brighter and happier she looks.

“My advice for anyone thinking about going on the program is to stick with it. It’s a brilliant program. It’s hard work but you have such strong support in the staff you never feel like you’re doing it yourself. No one judges, that’s a big thing.

Everything in my life is so much easier! I never thought I’d be sitting here saying things like this, but it’s so true!”

Results may vary. To find out what you can achieve on your LifeShape Program book a no obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians, call 1800 567 348. Alternatively you can register your interest online.

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