As a busy small business owner, Maryrose found it difficult to make herself and her health a priority.

“I had fallen into a pattern of making some less than ideal dietary choices based on ease and convenience,” says Maryrose. “Long-term, these choices had a significant impact on my weight, sleep, and general wellbeing. Then, one day I had a realisation that I needed to make a conscious choice to put my health first. I’d tried a few different diet and exercise programs in the past. However LifeShape Clinic provide the structure, accountability, and weekly support I find works really well for me.”

Once on the program, Maryrose found this supportive style of weight loss very effective for her, and her lifestyle.

“LifeShape has set me up with healthier habits that have been easy to integrate into my busy schedule,” says Maryrose. “I’ve had great results with the program, I feel healthy, and look much happier.”

These results are in the form of an inspiring 23.1kg^ weight loss, and Maryrose says her success was in part due to seeing tangible results each week.

“Seeing the fantastic result each week really motivates you to keep on track with the program,” says Maryrose. “Having friends and family notice the results and commenting that I looked happier and healthier was also a great motivation! I’m really looking forward to being able to wear some of the beautiful clothes I had thought I might not be able to wear again as well.”

Looking back, Maryrose only has one regret.

“I wish I hadn’t hesitated to start the program for as long as I did!” says Maryrose. “I was worried I was too busy to dedicate the time to the appointments each week and the steps I’d need to take to prioritise my health. It almost feels sometimes like it’s too hard to start, and the road to achieving the results I wanted was too long. But once you’ve started the program and start seeing results, it really motivates you to keep going.”

It’s no wonder Maryrose has this advice for anyone thinking about starting a program…

“Don’t hesitate – the sooner you start the LifeShape program the sooner you’ll start to see and feel the results!” says Maryrose.

^Your results may vary. To find out what you can achieve on your LifeShape Program book a no obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians.

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