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"I love that I can keep up with my very energetic, young son"

As a busy professional and active member of the community, Kevin spent a lot of his time dedicating himself to his work and to others. It was on a business trip to South Africa that he finally realised he wanted to regain control of his health.

“I love my job because I get to meet new people constantly,” says Kevin. “I travel a lot for work. But on that trip, I really struggled. I sat uncomfortably in the seat on the plane home, and something just triggered in my head - I knew ‘enough is enough’.”

However, there was another very important reason for Kevin to make a positive, long term change to his health. The adoption of his 10 year old son.

“After fostering our son for nearly six years now, my fiancée Stephen and I are in the process of adopting him,” explains Kevin. “As part of the adoption process, I had to undertake a series of medical exams to indicate that I will live a healthy and long life for our son. Our son and my partner are my life. I realised I could not hide from this any longer. I was avoiding accepting the fact that I was overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. I knew it, but did not really ‘know’ it. I spent the past six years setting up our new family and giving a lot to my work and career. I was thinking about everyone but me.”

After some initial research, Kevin decided the supportive structure and medical base of a LifeShape Program was what he needed to help him on his way to better health.

“I tried other options in the past,” says Kevin. “I lost some weight, but always put it back on. I tried to go from zero to hero on those programs, but it was never sustainable. I did not deal with the small habits that led to my weight gain. The LifeShape Program taught me how to be healthy, and not just be ‘on a diet’. I started a lifestyle which I know I will continue forever.”

For Kevin, there were many aspects of his LifeShape Program that he found beneficial.

“The step by step nature of the program and the support you get are so helpful,” says Kevin. “Learning how to fix things one by one, practising and then talking about your experience. This process allowed me to embed these healthy changes, and try new things. I loved having more information about my body with a DEXA Scan which allowed me to really see the reality of my current health and gave me a kick start.”

Through these sustainable, healthier habits Kevin has been able to smash every one of his weight loss goals, losing a total of 50kg^.

“Everything was actually easy,” says Kevin. “Well, not super easy, but because I had the right mindset everything seemed to fall into place. I think the phased approach of the program assisted in making things simpler to manage. The support I got through LifeShape Clinic was exactly what I needed.”

After his weight loss, Kevin is noticing so many other positive changes.

“I have so much more energy, which makes managing a busy life so much easier,” says Kevin. “I love the fact that I can keep up with my very energetic, young son. We are doing more as a family and we're always out and about. We all got new bikes and are always finding opportunities to go for walks in nature or head to the beach. This is not what I used to do at all!”

“Of course my blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol are all back to normal now. All of these indicators were high before my program, and my GP warned me that I was heading towards significant health issues.”

So where to from here after such an amazing life change for Kevin?

“I am totally committed to keeping the weight off,” says Kevin. “But more importantly, committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I hope I am setting a good example for my son. I have great support in my partner who is assisting in the gym and making it possible to spend the time on myself. Lots of people say they feel inspired by my story. I think it motivates them with the thought that if he can do it, maybe I can as well!”

Kevin has the following advice for anyone thinking about doing a program.

“Be kind to yourself, take it easy and give yourself time,” advises Kevin. “Don’t think you will do it overnight and have a long-term goal rather than just what is on the scales. Most importantly, trust yourself. I knew I would not be able to do it by myself. The hardest part was just accepting what I did to myself and really just starting.”


^Your results may vary. To find out what you can achieve on your LifeShape Program book a no obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians.


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Our Disclaimer: All client testimonials are genuine accounts of experiences on the LifeShape program. Due to the personalised nature of the LifeShape program, results may vary based on an individual’s compliance, motivation and personal history.
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