“I’m looking forward to maintaining my weight and finding the new me”

Irene had battled her weight for most of her life. However, it was after the sad passing of her brother in 2016 that she decided she wanted to get her health on track for a longer and happier life.

“I am an emotional eater, and over the last few years I have lost people close to me,” says Irene. “My brother was one of these people. We were extremely close and his passing really affected me. He was a big man, much bigger than me. And in 2017 I suddenly realised I was eating more and my weight was increasing. The thought suddenly occurred to me, was I trying to eat myself to death? In that moment I realised if I didn’t do something, that’s exactly what would happen to me.”

Before LifeShape, Irene had contemplated surgery, although was reluctant to go under the knife.

“I spoke to my doctor who told me about the LifeShape Clinic Program,” says Irene. “It was probably a couple of months after our discussion that I contacted the Clinic. I realised I was always waiting for some get together or celebration to be over before commencing a program. But in reality there would always be celebrations and get togethers – that’s part of life. So it was time to start or give up on life.”

After trying other diet programs with no long term success, Irene was looking forward to a more sustainable approach to losing weight.

“They offer a whole package – having blood tests, seeing a doctor, an exercise physiologist, psychologist and having body scans. There was so much more involved in losing the weight at LifeShape. Seeing a dietitian one on one each week was a huge benefit. The cost was higher compared to other options, however I felt if I made the commitment and paid in advance it would motivate me more to stay on track.”

With the support of her clinical team at LifeShape Clinic, Irene lost nearly 40kg^ and feels great.

“I am able to do so much more than before,” says Irene. “My health has improved significantly. I have been able to stop taking some medications. I can walk for longer distances now and enjoy walking – I notice a spring in my step which I love! I can buy clothes without any difficulty. Now I have more to choose from and can pick and choose what I like - not what fits.  I have more confidence, I’m willing to try different things, go outside my comfort zone and meet new people. I’ve even joined a social club.”

As a social person, Irene was grateful for the real-life strategies her LifeShape program taught her.

“Now I look at socialising in a different way,” says Irene. “I have learnt that the healthier options are more often fresher and tastier. Previously if there was a celebration and we were having cake I would have whatever I liked and overate. Now, I give a lot of thought as to what I want to use my calories on – I don’t miss out, even if I just have a taste.”

After completing her program, Irene has opted for a Support Program, to keep in touch with her clinical team.

“With my previous history of losing weight, then gaining it back again and more, I was concerned that history would repeat itself,” says Irene. “This time, I have lost far more weight and do not want to go backwards. Being on a support program means I have to report to someone about how I’m going and also I have someone to discuss my concerns with and give me the encouragement I need.”

“I’m exceptionally proud of the weight I’ve lost, and the fact that I persevered and have achieved more than I was expecting to,” says Irene. “My health is so much better and my life, in turn, has improved. I’m still finding out what new things I am capable of doing – I haven’t been this weight since I was in my early 30s.  I’m looking forward to maintaining my weight and finding the new me.”

Looking back, Irene wishes she had just gotten started sooner!

“I wish I could tell myself the road may seem daunting, but it’s not,” says Irene. “I wish I could tell myself the benefits will be far greater than you expect. For anyone thinking of doing a program, stop thinking about it and get started! If you’re not enjoying your life the way you are – only you can do something about it.  I know from experience it’s not easy, however, if you take the chance you will find a life that is so much easier to live and so much more enjoyable.”


^Your results may vary. To find out what you can achieve on your LifeShape Program book a no obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians.


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