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“I can’t recommend this program enough, it has literally changed my life"

Originally from the Netherlands, Carola moved to Australia with her husband in 2007 and has never looked back. It was ten years later in 2017 after turning 40 that Carola decided to join the clinic.

“I felt absolutely awful at the time, both mentally and physically,” says Carola. “I was on such a downward spiral and I just kept eating, and I hardly exercised. My biggest passion is scuba diving and one day I noticed that it was becoming far more challenging. I needed far more weights when scuba diving than I usually needed. Swimming against the current and climbing back on the boat had also become much harder. Finally, in August 2017 after seeing an awful photo of myself in a wetsuit on Facebook, I’d had enough. I knew feeling sorry for myself was not going to fix anything, so I needed to do something.”

After searching online for local weight loss providers, Carola came across LifeShape Clinic and immediately felt the approach was what she was searching for.

“It took me a week or so to gather the courage to call,” admits Carola. “Luckily the staff were so incredibly friendly and understanding that I immediately had a good feeling about it. I went for an initial assessment and the Dietitian was amazing, I immediately felt a connection with her. She told me in detail about the program and that she had the absolute confidence that I could do it. It was my last option, if this didn’t work nothing ever would – I’m pretty sure that’s what I told her.”

For Carola the accountability of weekly consultations with her clinical team throughout her program were invaluable.

“The weekly meetings with my Dietitian helped me so much, kept me on track, and got me through times when I just didn’t feel well mentally,” says Carola. “I never felt like I was at it alone, I had a fantastic network that helped me through this whole journey. The guidance and advice I got has helped me so much – just by making relatively small changes every week. The atmosphere at the clinic is so positive, warm and safe. No one is judging me – which is so important on journeys like this.”

With the support of her team, Carola lost 17.8kg and gained a new lease on life.

“Losing the weight, and gaining so much confidence has changed everything,” says Carola. “I feel absolutely amazing, and everything is so much easier. Scuba diving is so much easier now. I use less than half the weights I did back in August 2017. I had to have my wetsuits taken in, as they were all too big. Buying clothes is now something I love. It still feels strange that I fit in XS tops and size 8 pants. I even bought a tight-fitting dress – and I think I look quite good in it (my husband agrees!).”

So how did Carola maintain the momentum to achieve such amazing results?

“Seeing the results every week, as well as the DEXA body scans that LifeShape Clinic offer are so motivating,” says Carola. “The numbers on the scale are one way of measuring progress, but seeing the fat percentage and muscle percentage change is so motivating. I’m proud of my focus during the program. Because I saw it as my last resort, I put in everything I could and it paid off. It showed me that I can achieve anything I want as long as I put my mind to it.”

Carola says her healthy changes have also benefitted her husband.

“Our relationship is so much better now, because I feel good about myself and have so much confidence,” says Carola. “Our meals have changed as well. The cookbook is very helpful, we still eat quite a few of those meals every week.”

Even with such an amazing outcome, there were some challenges along the way.

“I think the hardest part was stopping the mindless and emotional snacking especially at night, or after a very stressful day or week at work. However, through tips from the Dietitians, I have learned what I can do to distract myself as well as learning that I am in control (and not the food)—such a small and obvious statement, but it was the most important thing that helped me overcome mindless and emotional snacking.

The cost was also a bit of a shock initially, but I saw it (and still see it that way) as an investment in my health and future. And I got so much for it – weekly appointments with my Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist and medical check-ups.”

Having finished her core program, Carola has opted for a support package for a little extra assistance, long term.

“I will never forget what I have achieved, and will always remember how I felt before I signed up for the program,” says Carola. “I never want to go back there again and I’m looking forward to keeping this up. I’ve never felt better and I want to keep feeling this way. But I feel continuing onto a support program is a huge part of keeping me focused. I wanted to keep the appointments with the Dietician – even it is only once every 3 months or so. It keeps me accountable, and it is so nice to come every now and then to have a chat, as it helps me to refocus and I can ask for advice. ”

What advice does Carola have for someone thinking about doing a program?

“I can’t recommend this program enough, it has literally changed my life and I am eternally grateful to everyone at the clinic for helping me. You will get the best assistance to reach your goal, and it will change your life. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help – no one will judge you. I wish I had done it sooner. Do it, you will be eternally grateful for it too.”


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