The smallest weight loss can improve your fertility

We know every couple is looking at the calendar hoping this is the year that brings them their baby. We’d love to help you or your partner reach a healthy weight, to give you the best chance to achieve your dream of starting, or continuing your family.

Our medically supervised weight loss programs are clinically proven to get you to a healthy weight and on your journey to parenthood.

Weight Matters for Fertility Treatment & Pregnancy

Being overweight can have wide ranging detrimental effects on fertility and cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
Each unit of BMI above 29 reduces a woman's chance of conceiving within 12 months by 4%.
Losing just a small amount of weight can improve the chances of overweight women conceiving by almost fivefold.
Studies have shown one quarter of women who lose 5%+ of their body weight spontaneously conceive within 3-6 months.

If you or your partner need to make some healthy changes to improve your chances of conception, LifeShape can help where weight might be the issue.

Supporting Your Journey to Conceive

Weight is an important consideration for either partner while trying to conceive. Reaching a healthy weight will give you the best chance to achieve your dream of starting, or continuing your family naturally or via IVF.

We get that losing weight can be challenging. However when you daydream about having a baby, picture yourself being a fit, healthy, vibrant parent - let these thoughts be your motivation for positive change.

Why LifeShape for Weight Loss

We take the time to really understand “why” you want to lose weight. Furthermore we create you an individualised weight loss program to suit your goals and dreams. Here's how the pillars of our program work to support you weekly in achieving long-lasting weight loss.

Medically Supervised

Our Doctor will assess you, your medical history, and test results to ensure your weight loss is healthy and personalised to you.


Our Dietitians work with you to guide you to healthier eating behaviours, and supply you with weekly meal plans customised to your lifestyle.

Healthy Mindset

Our Psychologists will help you implement healthy eating behaviours and address concerns such as emotional eating.

Keeping Active

Easy to complete, weekly exercise plans designed by an Exercise Physiologist will help you fit physical activity into your daily routine.


We go beyond the scales with DEXA Scans to highlight major risk factors affecting your wellbeing, and guide you to a healthy weight.

Support System

Stay on track and feel fully supported with one-on-one clinical appointments and in our client support group.

Small Steps, Big Payoff

The health benefits of reaching a healthy weight are immeasurable. But you've got the best reason of all on your horizon. An investment in a LifeShape program is an investment in improving your quality of life, feeling better, and living longer for your future family.
Improve your chances of getting pregnant AND having a healthy pregnancy
Lose up to 15% of your starting body weight (up to 70kgs)^
Create new sustainable healthy behaviours around eating, activity and everyday living without "dieting"
Look and feel more confident in your everyday life
Reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PCOS and hormonal imbalance
Reduce your health risk of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and 13 cancers that have been linked to obesity

Starting a Family Success Stories

Join the thousands of families we've already helped to find their best weight loss approach.


Lost 56kg^
to prepare for IVF treatment
“Even if I did conceive [my doctor said] that my baby may die and I could die in child birth because I was so overweight. I needed a life-long fix to my weight problem and I was willing to go above and beyond to achieve results, in particular losing enough weight to become pregnant. I wasn’t prepared to have my dream of having a child taken away.”


Lost 28.8kg^
& got pregnant with twins
"We were informed that [conception] happened on the first try... and I had created the “perfect host environment” to naturally house two babies! Our identical twin boys were born with no issues. I didn’t realise how much I was disadvantaging myself by carrying extra weight."


Lost 50kg^
to adopt his son
“After fostering our son for nearly six years, my fiancée and I are in the process of adopting him. As part of the adoption process, I had to undertake a series of medical exams to indicate that I will live a healthy and long life for our son. I realised I could not hide from [my weight] any longer."

What's included?

All inclusive program

All standard weekly clinical appointments are included, as well as all program resources, manual, LifeShape cook book, standard DEXA scans, and classes in the LifeShape Kitchen (where available).

Private health rebates

Your weekly appointments are with qualified health professionals, so you are entitled to rebates from most private health funds up to your individual policy limits.

Flexible payment options

We offer convenient payment options including monthly interest-free payment plans, a discount for upfront program payment, and a discount when you join with a friend or family member.


Our program resources written by our weight loss experts will provide you with the strategy, structure, advice and support needed to turn your health goals into lasting results.

10% Off Partner Discount

Sign up with a partner and save on both programs. Studies show we're twice as likely to make positive behaviour change if our partner does it too!

So, there's no better way to achieve your goals than with the support of a loved one.

Do I Really Need to Lose Weight to Get Pregnant?

How much weight loss will lead to fertility benefits?

Weight loss improves menstrual regularity, ovulation, fertility, and the success of IVF. Research has shown overweight women who lose 5% or more of their body weight were nearly 5 times more likely to have a baby in the following four years, either through IVF or spontaneously, compared with those didn't achieve the weight loss.

Does carrying extra weight put my pregnancy at risk?

Unfortunately, yes. Being overweight during pregnancy increases the risk of various pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, infection, thrombosis, sleep apnoea, being overdue, labour problems (including interfering with the effectiveness of epidurals), needing a caesarean section, and chance of pregnancy loss. Compared to women in the healthy weight range, the chance of a live birth with IVF is reduced by 9% in women who are overweight and 20% in women who are obese.

Does my partner's weight matter too?

Yes. Weight is an important consideration for either partner while trying to conceive. Studies have suggested that a gain of 10kg decreases male fertility by approximately 10%. Research has also shown males with a BMI over 30 have a lower sperm quality as obesity changes the physical and molecular structure of sperm cells. If you and your partner would like to make some healthy changes together, please enquire about our 10% partner discount.

Does carrying extra weight put my baby at extra risk?

Unfortunately, yes. Compared to babies born to mothers in the healthy weight range, babies born to women who are overweight are more likely to: be larger than normal birth weight, need intensive care after birth, suffer injuries during delivery, have an increased risk of birth defects like spina bifida, be overweight, or develop type 2 diabetes.

How much weight can I lose with LifeShape Clinic?

We offer custom programs to suit your individual needs. So, it’s hard to estimate how fast you’ll personally see results. However weight loss of up to 1kg^ per week can be achieved by either partner through our program. To find out what results you could personally expect, it's best to book in for an initial assessment where a Dietitian will be able to recommend the best program for you.

Can I continue on a program if I fall pregnant?

Absolutely, if you fall pregnant you can be assured that our medical, dietetic and exercise advice is based on the best evidence and in the best interest of you and your baby. Because we offer custom programs to suit your individual needs, you will receive specific medical and health advice to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight while pregnant.

We're here to help you take the first step


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^Individual results may vary

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Our Disclaimer: All client testimonials are genuine accounts of experiences on the LifeShape program. Due to the personalised nature of the LifeShape program, results may vary based on an individual’s compliance, motivation and personal history.

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