LifeShape Clinic is well set up for telehealth! After many requests from clients to provide an alternative delivery method that still keeps the weekly consultations, we have developed a secure, online video consulting platform for our weight loss and diabetes management programs.

Ideally, clients would have their initial consultation and exercise physiology appointments in person, as well as some dietetic appointments, for example, once every month or two. However, the core program can be delivered online by video consult if desired – to any regional location Australia-wide.

We record and measure all of your activity, nutritional and health data in our electronic patient management system, through a number of tools, including the FitBit activity tracker, FitBit Aria Wireless Scales, your Food Diary, as well as data recorded in consultations with your health specialists.

Clients must ensure their system reaches a minimum standard – in particular, your internet connection makes a significant impact to the quality of the video.

To enquire about a Video Consulting Program, please phone 1800 567 348 or register your interest online.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Skype – download free at http:
  • Web Cam – we recommend the Logitech C270, RRP $39, Officeworks. Many laptops and tablet devices (such as Ipads) already have cameras built in. Be sure to check your device before purchasing a Web Cam.
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Microphone and Speakers / Headset