Being out of your regular routine on a camping holiday can mean higher calorie campfire meals and extra snacks and drinks.

We know that too many of these extras aren’t helpful for weight management. So, if you want your trip to be a positive experience, keeping active is important to help offset the extra energy coming in.

Here are our tips to get you moving while away camping this Easter:

Walking and Hiking – Pack your shoes, explore your surroundings on foot and get back to basics with nature. Look up some local trails and take your water bottle or simply wander along the beach. Be mindful of your surroundings and you might even get to see some local birds, animals or fish.

Plan ahead with equipment – Take your bike, a ball, frisbee to throw or set up a game of beach cricket, volleyball or badminton. All of these can be bought at low cost through dollar stores, department stores or online.

Build it into your day – Choose a set time each day for planned movement and make an appointment with yourself. You might be on holidays from work, but your health is a full time commitment! For the early birds it might be a morning walk or for those that love a sleep in, an afternoon or after dinner walk could be your thing. Recruit a family member or friend to keep yourself accountable and enjoy some company.

Maximise your incidental movement – Aim to get in the water, build sand castles, snorkel, stand up paddle board or play with your pet. You might even like to stroll the camp site to meet and socialise with other campers – outside of social media you might be surprised at the interesting people and stories you’ll come across!

Have some fun – Get creative with your group and play active games such as a scavenger hunt, photo safari (who can collect the most photos from the list of certain items) or geocaching (an online community that hide tokens at certain geographical co-ordinates).

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