LifeShape LED

At LifeShape Clinic we believe that the correct dietary replacement used under the supervision of qualified health professionals can be a great short-term weight loss tool as a result of calorie control, nutritional balance and controlling hunger.

We have our very own nutritionally balanced, full dietary replacement called LifeShape LED™. This range of Dietary Replacements provide all of the protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis. You do not require additional food to top you up. It is also lower in calories (800) than a diet based on food selection (1200) over 5 meals per day.

We have a three stage approach for effective weight loss using LifeShape LED:

1. Used initially to achieve consistent weekly weight losses without focussing on food
2. Transition off LifeShape LED to a healthy eating pattern while still losing weight
3. Implement the correct long term meal plan to support the weight loss achieved

For your weight loss to be sustained in the long term it is important to transition onto ‘normal’ food gradually, learn about appropriate food choices for weight maintenance and achieve permanent lifestyle changes with the support of health professionals. These include meal planning, healthy grocery shopping, meal portioning, exercising for weight loss and low fat cooking.

In our experience, the benefits of using nutritionally balanced LifeShape LED under medical supervision include:

  • Promoting independence from food,
  • Narrowing food choices to stay within daily calorie plans,
  • Increasing the rate of weight loss,
  • Keeping you satiated (not hungry) for longer,
  • Helping you become accustomed to eating smaller portion sizes,
  • Are nutritionally balanced providing all essential vitamins and minerals,
  • Maintaining energy levels,
  • Require minimal preparation and fit easily into a busy schedule and
  • Helping form a habit of eating at regular intervals providing structured transition from meal replacements to a long term healthy eating pattern.

Although many of our clients choose to use a nutritionally-balanced dietary replacement as a tool to aid their weight loss, if you prefer not to use meal replacements, our Dietitians can design you a personalised meal plan to ensure that you are enjoying a balanced diet during weight loss.

Is it right for me?

Don’t let your weight or poor health define your life – success can be achieved by devising a realistic plan and achieving it one week at a time – so you can focus on living, not ‘dieting’. The next step is to find out which of our weight loss or diabetes programs is right for you with a one hour, no-obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians. The Dietitian will take your medical history and your measurements, talk to you about your weight loss goals and tell you what results you can expect from our weight loss program.

Our team is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and enjoy the many rewards that good health brings. Book your no-obligation initial assessment now by calling 1800 567 348 or request an appointment time online.

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