Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?

If you’re looking for a program run by qualified health professionals with weight loss that lasts, our LifeShape weight loss and diabetes management programs are proven to assist you lose weight in a safe and effective way that is sustainable in the long term.

We recognise that everybody is different and our LifeShape programs are tailored to your individual health, lifestyle and weight loss goals. Our clinical team consists only of qualified dietitians, psychologists, medical practitioners and exercise scientists – so you get the right advice at the right time to achieve a healthier, happier, more confident you.

Our LifeShape programs consist of three parts:

  1. Active weight loss – with a focus on losing weight from week 1, giving you the confidence that your LifeShape program is right for you. Your personalised weight loss strategy will continue until you are well toward your weight loss goal.
  2. A Focus on the right long term nutritional and lifestyle strategies – to give you the right tools to maintain your weight loss achievements. This includes behaviour and lifestyle changes based around your personal needs, and learning to make the right choices for long term health and weight goals.
  3. Weight Maintenance – each LifeShape program ends with a long term weight maintenance plan. For some people that will include on-going quarterly or semi-annual visits to discuss roadblocks and positive long-term strategies. Weight regain is always a danger if old habits reemerge and the best time to take action is early in any regain scenario.

Managing our weight is a lifelong commitment for all of us and those that have lost excess weight need to be vigilant. This is no different from seeing your Doctor or health professional regularly for any chronic health condition.   The best part is that our LifeShape Support  programs are designed to address weight regain issues early.

How long are the programs and how much can I expect to lose?

LifeShape and Diabetes programs run for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on your personal history, needs and goals of the program. People on our 12 month weight loss program lose an average of 7.9kg in one month, 15kg in three months and up to 19kg in six months.

Visit our weight loss programs or Diabetes management pages to find out which program may be right for you. Our excess weight calculator estimates the weight loss required to reach a healthy weight. Average weight losses are between 0.5kg to 1.0kg per week. Individual clients have lost up to 75kgs in 12 months and importantly maintained that weight loss for up to 4 years of follow up.

Are LifeShape programs appropriate for people with diabetes?

Wesley LifeShape Clinic is at the forefront of Diabetes care for people with newly diagnosed or existing Type 2 Diabetes, as well as those who are at risk of developing it (pre-diabetes). Working with your GP or Specialist, our Diabetes Lifestyle programs are designed to optimise your nutrition, reduce your weight and improve your activity in order to achieve the best blood glucose control, lower medication levels and reduced health risks. As Diabetes is a progressive disease our team care strategy is about ‘drawing a line in the sand’ and providing sustainable healthy living strategies.

We have also added credentialed Diabetes Nurse Educators as an integral part of our team to ensure that diabetes management or prevention strategies are tailored and personalised to assist each client to meet their own, as well as their recommended goals.

Are LifeShape programs appropriate for pregnant women?

All of our programs are tailored to your individual needs, so wherever you are on your journey to parenthood, the advice we give is carefully tailored to you and your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant or are trying to conceive, you can be assured that our medical, dietetic and exercise advice is always in the best interest of you and your baby. As all our programs are tailored to your individual needs, pregnant clients will have specific medical and health advice relevant to their stage of pregnancy and health conditions.

Are LifeShape programs appropriate for adolescents?

Adolescence can be a difficult stage of life. All of our programs are delivered through one-on-one appointments tailored to the individual needs of each adolescent. Our MiLife program is tailored for adolescents, focusing on building positive habits for a healthy life.

How much does it cost and are private health or Medicare rebates available?

To provide you with a precise cost we need detailed information about your health and your weight loss goals, which is why an initial assessment with a dietitian is the perfect starting point. In this appointment, your dietitian will take your medical and weight history, discuss your weight loss and health goals and recommend a LifeShape program around your needs. Your dietitian will outline what results you can expect to achieve from your program as well as the price of the recommended program.

This price provided at your initial assessment is inclusive of all program appointments with each health professional, program resources, FitBit activity monitor, pathology and body composition testing. There are no other hidden charges or fees. On the day if you do decide to join and pay your first instalment, the initial assessment fee of $66 will also be waived.

The estimated weekly price of a program is from as little as $75* before any Private Health or Medicare rebates. We also offer zero-interest monthly payment plans or a 10% discount for payment at commencement.

*The only additional costs throughout your program are the optional use of dietary replacements, which are “cost-neutral” as they replace the cost of your weekly groceries.

Please contact your Private Health fund to determine the exact rebates you are eligible for. We supply detailed receipts of service at each appointment for your Private Health Insurance provider to provide your rebate.

Do I need a doctor referral?

No you do not need a Doctor’s referral to Wesley LifeShape Clinic.

However, if a Doctor’s referral has been made through currently available chronic disease management programs (eg. Enhanced Primary Care – EPC) – these EPC appointments can be conducted within our LifeShape programs and are claimable through Medicare.

Do I get a meal plan and can you cater for dietary needs such as gluten or dairy intolerance?

All of our clients receive nutritionally balanced meal plans from a qualified Dietitian which forms part of their LifeShape program. Due to the tailored nature of our programs, each meal plan can cater for individual dietary needs such as gluten or dairy intolerance, as well as vegetarians or vegans.

Can you tell me more about dietary replacements?

We believe that the correct dietary replacement used under the supervision of qualified health professionals can be a great short-term weight loss tool to control calorie intake, nutritional balance and hunger. Good quality research shows that that the faster weight loss is achieved, the more will be achieved and the better the long term outcomes. Where Dietary Replacements have not worked is where they are poorly formulated, used for either too short period (eg 3 weeks or less) or are promoted as a long term solution when they should only be an aid for a defined period. They are an effective tool when used correctly under health professional advice.

Wesley LifeShape Clinic has their own comprehensive range of high quality dietary replacement shakes and bars as part of their LifeShape programs. LifeShape LED™ is a nutritionally complete dietary replacement designed in conjunction with our health professional team. The range provides all of the protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals that you need as part of your LifeShape low calorie (energy) meal plan and comes in a range of bars and shakes.

Do I have to use dietary replacements?

Almost all of our clients choose to use a nutritionally-balanced dietary replacement as a tool to aid their weight loss under our health professional supervision. However if you prefer not to use dietary replacements, our Dietitians can design you a personalised meal plan to ensure that you are enjoying a balanced diet during weight loss.

Effective weight loss requires a negative energy balance. Dietary replacements will create a higher negative energy balance leading to more fat burning than a meal plan. A balanced meal plan requires 1200 Cals of energy daily whilst LifeShape LED is a fully balanced dietary replacement providing 800 Cals of energy daily.

Over 14 years of using dietary replacements within our LifeShape programs, we have found when used as a short term tool, they assist in achieving significant weight early loss as well a feeling of satiety (fullness), sufficient energy for your daily needs and create a habit of smaller portion sizes.

Do you have a maintenance program?

Managing your weight is a lifelong commitment for all of us. At the completion of your LifeShape program, many clients like to remain in contact with their team to receive ongoing personalised support. Our support programs are structured around regular quarterly appointments, with additional appointments to use at any time you need some support or advice throughout the year(s) following your core program. This provides you with the structure you need to continue your healthy lifestyle for the long term and discuss any roadblocks or changes in your lifestyle with your health team and come up with alternative strategies.

I am considering bariatric surgery, can your programs help me?

Bariatric surgery is not the first step for weight loss. Australia’s most credible guidelines are from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) which state that no one should consider bariatric surgery without first undergoing a comprehensive lifestyle and behaviour modification program. Our LifeShape programs are an excellent first step in the strategy to lose weight and control your weight for life. We can help you make healthy lifestyle changes in a tailored plan for long term health and weight loss with results equal to bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery isn’t for everyone. There are surgical risks, financial considerations and medical issues to take into account. Weight loss surgery isn’t a magic wand but another tool with mostly non reversible consequences. If you choose to undergo surgery, you will still have to modify your diet and eating habits before and after the procedure for the rest of your life. Bariatric surgery is generally very expensive, in excess of $15,000 without the cost of ongoing follow up.   Published medical reports indicate that up to 50% of patients undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy regained their weight and diabetic status within 5 years.  Often when one bariatric procedure fails, a further procedure is recommended of a complete stomach bypass.   It is not unusual for patients to have multiple procedures.

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Where are you located?

Our clinics are conveniently located across Brisbane and South East Queensland in Milton, Brisbane City, Clayfield and Gumdale as well as in Toowoomba.

Are you associated with the Wesley Hospital?

We commenced as Wesley Weight Management Clinic located within the Wesley Hospital campus at Auchenflower. We are not part of the Wesley Hospital Uniting Care structure but a private medical group with our ownership having a majority medical make up. In 2004 after outgrowing our facility within the Wesley Hospital we relocated to Milton, then expanded into Clayfield in 2005, and Toowoomba and Brisbane CBD in 2008.

After 12 years providing highly effective and professional weight loss services under Wesley Weight Management Clinic, in 2013 we changed our name to Wesley LifeShape Clinic. This new name matches our expanded services in Type 2 Diabetic care as well as a renewed emphasis of the health and lifestyle benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

What if I can’t make it to a clinic?

After many requests from clients, we recently added video consulting to our service offering enabling us to deliver our weight loss and diabetes management programs to any location Australia-wide. Ideally, a client’s initial assessment and key consultations such as exercise physiology and psychology consultations are conducted in person, however our core programs can now be delivered via video consulting.

What happens during an initial assessment?

In this appointment, your dietitian will take your medical history, discuss your weight loss and health goals, and recommend a LifeShape program around your needs. Your dietitian will also outline what results you can expect to achieve from your program, as well as provide you with the all-inclusive price of your program. On the day if you do decide to join and pay your first instalment, the initial assessment fee of $66 will be waived.


How do I get started?

Don’t let your weight or poor health define your life – we know that success can be achieved by devising a realistic plan and achieving it one week at a time. The first step is took book your initial assessment at your nearest clinic on 1800 567 348.

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