Lacking confidence and quick to avoid a camera, the news of his daughter’s upcoming wedding was Peter’s motivation to join LifeShape Clinic.

“I didn’t want to be “the fat dad” in the wedding photos,” recalls Peter. “I had tried other programs in the past, but they only worked to a certain extent. I had heard of LifeShape, so thought I would give them a call. When I found out the weight loss was supervised by Doctors, I finally decided to give it a try.”

While it took Peter almost six months to make his initial appointment, he says the only reason he didn’t call sooner was procrastination.

“I had to make up my own mind to come,” says Peter. “You could tell me I need to put fuel in my car, but until I need it, I won’t do it. I was facing surgery as my only other option which I really didn’t want to resort to. So, it was time to give this a try.”

The rest is history. When we caught up with Peter, his daughter’s wedding was two weeks earlier – and he had smashed his health and weight loss goals with help from his LifeShape team.

“My Dietitian was the biggest part of my success,” says Peter. “He didn’t once embarrass me, belittle me or make me feel awkward. He was so supportive and I think the accountability of answering to someone every week was a big part of my success.”

While he achieved an inspiring weight loss, Peter’s the first to admit there were challenges along the way.

“The program was good, I slipped into it quite well. At first, I was worried I would be hungry all the time,” admits Peter. “However I still eat plenty of food, it’s just better quality now. My Dietitian never judged me if I had a slip up, instead he would give me substitutions or go back over sections of the manual relevant to that situation.”

One thing Peter was grateful for on the program was the support of his family, in particular his daughter Renee who was always ready with an encouraging word.

“She would often ask, did your Dietitian say you could have that Dad?” laughs Peter. “She came to a number of my appointments and was always ready with a tip on days I needed a boost. I really appreciated her support throughout my program. I think the program even helped to answer some of her questions about nutrition.”

Peter identifies that the tools learnt during his program have simply armed him with the ability to make good lifestyle choices.

“I think I’m just more aware of what I’m doing now, but it’s become second nature,” explains Peter. “When I’m going out for a meal I will check out the menu and pick something appropriate with considerations for what’s gone into it. However, if I make a less healthy choice, I don’t dwell on it. I tell myself I just won’t have that next time and move on.”

One surprising aspect of the program was that the exercise component didn’t require him to slog it out at the gym for hours every day.

“Before doing the program I thought you had to sweat bullets to get results,” remembers Peter. “The Exercise Physiologist took my measurements and lactic acid testing. Some of the things she told me were surprising. She taught me what to do and how I should feel. I still do my walking but I will admit, I don’t love exercise! However I achieved what I wanted through the combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity incorporated into my day.”

After his 45.1kg weight loss^, Peter says people now have trouble recognising him at times.

“The weight loss has taken some getting used to. Customers often come into the store and ask for Peter, and I’m like ‘that’s me!’” laughs Peter. “On my daughter’s wedding day I felt good, and so happy. One thing I noticed is how much more stamina I have. While I was helping set up at the wedding, I found the manual labour so much easier. Other people were getting knackered and I just kept going.”

After achieving what he wanted from his LifeShape program, Peter has opted to join a support program to help him keep on track long term.

“I was initially worried, I’d be on my own now,” admits Peter. “But I quickly realised I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing. Even so, it was important for me not to feel cut off cold turkey. So being on a support program means I can periodically check in with my Dietitian when I need him. I have my plan to fall back on as a security blanket of sorts. The accountability I still feel to my Dietitian is quite powerful.”

For anyone thinking about doing the program, Peter says go into it wholeheartedly.

“If you’re thinking about doing it, do the whole thing,” says Peter. “There are always going to be roadblocks in life. You are going to have good days, you are going to have bad days and it is hard work, but it is worth it. The program has a lot of structure and they know what works.”

^Your results may vary. To find out what you can achieve on your LifeShape Program book a no obligation initial assessment with one of our Dietitians, call 1800 567 348. Alternatively you can register your interest online.

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