Our Clinical Team

Why our program works

A Team Approach

Our team care approach to weight loss and diabetes management means you can be assured of the highest quality advice tailored to you, no matter what your needs. With over 150,000 hours of consulting experience and counting (that’s a whopping 118 years!) the team of doctors, dietitians, diabetic nurse educators, exercise physiologists and psychologists have the knowledge and insight to assist you achieve your goals.

Personalised One-on-One Care

You’re not alone! Each week throughout your program you’ll see tertiary-qualified health professional in one-on-one setting to provide you with the structure and support you need to lose weight and improve your health – for life.

Medically supervised and evidence-based program

Our LifeShape programs are medically-supervised, and designed by qualified health professionals around best practice and evidence-based results.

In a clinical study of 959 clients, on average each client lost 21kg over six months, and importantly maintained this weight loss a further six months – to the end of the study.


That’s why you can rest assured our team can design a program that works for you.